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Your safety is paramount!

When applying for a job post online, attending an interview or working abroad, the following common sense factors should be considered:

  1. Prior to accepting a teaching employment, TEFL teachers or job seekers are strongly advised to conduct deeper research on employers , school information and teaching conditions and request references where appropriate.
  2. Write a dedicated focused CV for each TEFL position, avoiding these common mistakes.
  3. We suggest a legally-binding contract or agreement between the job-seeker and employer, prior to taking up employment. Read contracts thoroughly and ask for advice when in doubt.
  4. Do not provide any banking or credit card information when applying for a teaching job.
  5. If you are concerned about divulging your home address in your curriculum vitae or resume, consider using a post office box or similar forwarding address.
  6. When attending a job interview, if you feel in any way uncomfortable with the situation or the person/s you are dealing with, discontinue.
  7. Consider your work location and condition. Do you feel safe? Would you be happy to work there late at night?
  8. Always let a friend or relatives back home know that you are attending an interview, when and where. Acquaint yourself fully with how to get to the interview and how to get back.
  9. A face to face interview should always be arranged and conducted at daytime.
  10. If the job appears to be “too good to be true”, it probably is. Fully research the employer via web forums, search engines and previous employees. Most reputable employers should be happy to put you in touch with previous / current staff.
  11. Do not pay upfront to recruiters or employers. As previously stated, no reputable employer/ recruiter will ask you for money ( even for a visa, work permits and others…) If a recruiter/ adviser does ask you for payment, refuse , you have fallen under a scam.
  12. Register with your embassy as soon as you arrive in the host country. Your safety is very important. If you feel uneasy with any part of the application, procedure or interview, STOP and WALK AWAY!

Never send any payments to any recruiter or employer!

Free TEFL CV template:

Free TEFL CV template

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