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Language1st focuses in the application of descriptive and prescriptive methodology of learning English and other foreign languages thereby adapting the lessons according to the needs of each students and further taking into account their socio-cultural background in order to ensure that they can achieve their maximum potential in learning the English and other foreign languages with a primary focus on speaking integrated with reading, listening and writing universal grammar which is essential in the students progress in whichever field they are into.

Today’s global community reaches every aspect of modern living and can only reach deeper into our lives as we step further into the 21st century. English is the language of the global community and thus no longer a choice but a necessity to communicate in English for the modern man. The ability to communicate in English provides people with the gateway to the many rich and fulfilling opportunities that the future can hold (Oldham, 2005)

Educational, business, and social circles demand that people communicate in English. A person’s success in his chosen profession or field of endeavor is invariably linked with his ability to express and project his thoughts, not only in written but also in spoken English (Mata and Soriano, 1967). The effect creates a whole new mass of people wanting to learn English, not for the pleasure or prestige of knowing the language but because English was the key to currencies of technology and commerce. As English became the ‘Lingua Franca’, it created a new generation of learners who knew specifically why there were learning a language-businessmen and women who wanted to sell their products, mechanics wwho had to read instruction manuals, doctors who needed to keep up with developments and a whole range of students whose course of study included textbooks and journals only available in English ( Hutchinson and Waters,1990)

English is an international language. It greatly and widely used and applied in education, science and technology,business and commerce,macro and micro economics and even in diplomacy among all the nations of the world . For this, many people realize the relevance of the English language in all the aspects of life. It’s significance is unquestionable. Thus to be in the trend and at par competitive and updated, it is deemed necessary to learn the English language for international communication and globalization. However, learning the language is coupled with practice and usage. It is in this context that Language1st provides an atmosphere of ESL online classes where speaking is the main thrust of the learning environment.

No longer would you fret for not being able to put your skills into practice. At language1st, you can get the best of both worlds in improving and polishing your ardent desire to be fluent and proficient in communicating in the English language.

The online teaching classes are done at the convenience of your home. If you want to be a teacher / ESL student, first join us and make sure you have the following:
1. A fast speed personal computer and stable internet access.
2. Computer speakers and a microphone
3. Skype username
4. Available time for teaching
5. Available time for online classes
6. Paypal account

So enrol and don’t let this opportunity pass you by. For sure you won’t regret learning from Language1st.