Change of scenery

Teaching in a school

Written by Pratishka Ruthun

It has been quite the hassle to actually get down to posting this blog as things in Korea have been pretty busy… Apart from trying to stay out of the numerous typhoons ways… it has been a great journey so far. It was a long process getting myself here, but with the help of so many people and an awesome recruiter as well as tutors, I arrived and have been GREATLY enjoying the wonders Korea had to offer for the past month and 10 days. Its safe to say that moving out of ones hometown is no easy task… but a move to Korea was definitely one in the right direction for me… Sure I really miss home (A LOT), but that’s slowly fading away as time passes. One should not think that the adjustment process will happen immediately… like any change in life the move here takes some getting used too which will only happen over time.

I’ve been fortunate to find the perfect school to work at with the greatest co-workers I could have asked for. Personally I say Korea and Koreans are foreign friendly… I’ve been so warmly welcomed with opened arms its kind of like I have found another family in Korea… apart from my own back home.

This place takes some getting used too, but once you are settled down (like I slowly am becoming)… it could possibly be the best place to start a new life. Just know that whatever your reason for moving to Korea is… don’t rush the process… take it one day and one step at a time and it will all fall into place. Just be patient and you will love it as much as I already do.

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