LAAP Online Classes

Academic Assistance and Advancement Program

Having problems with your academic performance? or just wanting to increase excellence and improve ability of what you can offer?

Language1st Academic Assistance and Advancement Program (LAAP) provides students with services designed to assist academic concerns and assistance in developing critical experiences and skills necessary for academic success. It is a program that fosters the needs habits of every learner leading to academic excellence that will enable to not just survive but be on top whether you are pursuing your education or just about to enter the workforce.

With LAAP, students can get a variety of assistance with homework, upcoming quizzes and tests plus a bonus of advance lessons enhancement in areas such as English, Mathematics, Science, Reading, Writing, and the like virtually from duly licensed native speaker academic teachers from Canada or USA.

Excellence through Assistance

Our chief goal is to give academic support in subject areas where students need follow up lessons, clarifications to certain topics to further strengthen their knowledge and help master skills intended through:

  • Customizing help sessions to identify needs of the students and provide necessary resources.
  • Supplying and executing effective lessons that would better enhance the understanding of each learner.
  • Providing practical solutions on the student’s perceived difficulty.

Excellence through Advancement

Often, information and insight are what a student needs to knock down roadblocks to academic and life success. With this program, a student is presented with many opportunities to gain critical insights through:

  • knowledge base counseling and supplemental advising
  • Advanced Academic teaching and development through a duly licensed native speaker teacher
  • Study skills information enhancement


How to Apply for the Program

It’s as easy as a pie. Just register an account and pay for the necessary fees. You’ll get a confirmation from Language1st that you are officially enrolled and an assigned Academic Assistant shall contact you within 24 hours.


If you want to achieve excellence, you can get here today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work.

-Thomas J. Watson, Sr.