Why specialist job boards are on the rise

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Job boards have been part of the recruitment strategy for many years. When they first came on the scene in the mid-90s they were revolutionary and changed the way we recruited. No longer did recruiters have to post adverts through printed media, everything could be done more efficiently online.

We have now become accustomed to job boards and with most recruiters using the mainstream boards it is no longer revolutionary, often failing to provide unique candidates.

Specialist job boards bring a new angle to resourcing talent for your vacancies. Why are specialist job boards popular? Let’s have a look at what they can do for you, the recruiter.

Unique Candidates

Finding talented professionals is difficult which is why employers use recruitment services – advertising on specialist job boards will help you to find talent in very niche sectors.

When you are working on ‘hard to fill’ roles, as most specialist recruiters are, posting all of your vacancies on generic job boards won’t cut it. Recruiters need to delve further into where these candidates are to deliver high quality CVs

With demand up and the skills shortage in many industries more apparent, recruiters must evolve their sourcing channels to identify candidates before their competition. We are expecting recruiters to use a mix of online platforms to engage with talent this year and a specialist job board should be one of them.

Fewer Applicants

When using a specialist job board there are fewer applicants to sift through and more unique ones suited to the vacancy advertised – it’s all about quality not quantity. 

You don’t want to send your client 10 average CVs, which they have more than likely seen from other recruiters if they were sourced from mainstream job boards. You need to think outside the box and utilise specialist job boards that your competitors may not have thought of. One unique, specialist candidate is worth more than 10 mediocre ones.

Boost your Recruitment Brand

Your recruitment brand will experience a real boost by advertising on a relevant, specialist job board.

It pays to have your brand on a niche job board as more unique candidates will recognise your name and may come to you at a later date if they don’t apply straight away.

Employers may be advertising on this job board, spot your brand and take a look at your website; you never know where you can win new business. Advertising on a job board specific to your market shows clients you specialise in this area.


Jobseekers are choosing to search for new opportunities on specialist job boards as opposed to mainstream ones for several reasons:

Specific jobs

Candidates don’t want a generalist approach to their job search; they want jobs specific to their industry and fewer jobs to sift through allowing them to find what they are looking for a lot quicker.


Specialist job boards often provide in-depth industry advice and create a strong community between a specialist workforce.

Candidates often find the recruitment companies which recruit in their specific industry and then engage with them directly; another way a specialist job board can attract unique candidates to your business.

There are many reasons that specialist job boards are on the rise and even more reasons for recruiters to invest in their very own specialist job board.

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