2 things to bring to a TEFL job interview

Shaking hands in a job interview

For most, a job interview can be a very nerve racking experience. Planning ahead as to what questions may be asked and preparing a set of answers is a very sensible idea. But did you know that there are also some things you can bring to the interview?

The following 2 things you should bring to an interview will increase your chances of success, as it will show the employer you care about the role. So what should you bring?

A pen and paper

“It’s all about being prepared and making you stand out in the hiring manager’s mind.” : SnagaJob

Taking notes during the interview is very important. You may have your own set of questions you’d like to ask, and writing down the answers will help you at a later time when reviewing a possible job offer.

The employer may want to inform you about a few things – salary, hours, benefits, and so on. All of this may be difficult to remember, so having a pen and paper makes things much easier.

Writing down information as you go along during the interview will also show how much you care about the role. Walking into the interview and getting out a notepad will instantly make a great first impression, and let the interviewer know that you mean business. However, don’t overdo it:

“Take care not to sit scribbling away during the interview, or to lose eye contact – it will distract the interviewer and make them feel uncomfortable.” : CV Template Master

Copies of your CV

“Keep them in a separate folder or professional folio so they don’t bend or wrinkle and are easy to access.” : Indeed

There are a few reasons why you should print out and take with you extra copies of your CV to the interview. First of all, you can re-read through your CV to ensure you are ready and prepared to answer any questions about your credentials. If you’re travelling on the bus or the train to the interview, take the opportunity to memorise all the essential parts of your work history, and the skills in which you are likely to be quizzed upon.

Secondly, the interviewer may forget to bring a copy of your CV to the interview. It’s unlikely, but if it happened you can be prepared and hand them a copy. This would impress the employer and show them how diligent you are.

Thirdly, having a copy of your CV in front of you during the interview will help to jog your memory when questioned about a past role. The employer will not mind if you glance at your CV, especially if you have an extensive work history.

Finally, if anything’s changed, you’ll definitely need an updated CV.

“Generally, the employer will express to bring an updated version of your [CV], just in case the one you submitted had any updates since applying for the position.” : Sha Von Johnson, Owner of N.Liten Resume Services.

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