How and where to search for jobs online

When embarking upon a job hunt, for most people, the first port of call is the internet. With an overabundance of job boards and recruitment agencies, where exactly do you start? We have outlined the most effective ways of getting you started on your job search.

Job Boards
Over the years, the number of job boards has increased dramatically. There are more generalist job boards such as and as well as more industry specific sites such as or Try to focus upon 3 or 4 different job boards using a mixture of the industry specific job boards and the more generalist ones. Most job boards have a dual purpose – you can upload your CV to the site so employers can find you in addition to searching and applying for a particular vacancy yourself.  Most job boards will offer the service of e-mailing you with new job alerts.  This will enable you to apply for a role as soon as it comes onto the market.


Indeed is a comprehensive search engine for jobs, the Google of the recruitment world! It searches millions of jobs from thousands of job boards and company websites. You are able to search quickly by location, keyword, salary or company.

Recruitment Agencies

As with job boards, recruitment agencies will either be generalist or specific to a certain industry, such as IT, Marketing or HR. Select agencies that are local to you as they are more likely to match you with jobs in your geographical area. Most recruitment agency websites will allow you to upload your CV and apply for jobs online without the need for a prior interview. Once you have sent your CV, it is always prudent to follow up with a phone call to check that your CV has been received and it will also give you the opportunity to talk to a consultant about any available opportunities that you may be suitable for.

Social Networking Sites

If you are only going to use one social network, LinkedIn should be the site to focus your attention on in order to support your job search. LinkedIn is essentially a directory of professionals and companies and is used for networking, posting jobs and searching for candidates. If you are going to create a LinkedIn profile, try to give as much detail as possible about your skills and experience, as this will increase your chances of being found and making connections.

Local Company Website

Using an online directory such as allows you to search for companies in a specific area of the country and lists their contact details, including their website and email address. Many companies will have careers pages or list their current vacancies on their site with further details on how to apply.

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