You should never ask these 3 questions in a TEFL job interview

Preparing for a job interview

A job interview is mainly about answering questions from the employer, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t ask your own. Asking questions about the daily tasks shows you are interested and serious about the role. An employer will always welcome these types of questions, and it will make a positive impression.

However, there are certain questions that you should never ask as they will hinder your chances of success. Here are the 3 questions you should never ask in a job interview…

What is it you do again?

If you have to ask the employer what they do you are clearly not that interested in the role. An employer would obviously want to interview someone who is passionate about the job and the company, and has already done lots of research into what they do.

You should be applying for something that interests you and provides job satisfaction. Don’t focus entirely on the salary and fail to consider what the company does and whether or not you will enjoy the role. Asking that question means that the rest of the interview is a waste of time – you’ve already lost your chance.

How did I do?

Asking the interviewer how well you did will put them in a very awkward position. You should always thank them for their time and the opportunity, and leave it at that. You will likely decrease your chances by asking this question, and it may come across as overconfident.

It is unfair to put the interviewer on the spot, and it could very well backfire. If they said you did great but you don’t get the job, you could be left feeling very disappointed and confused. You could also be left feeling very embarrassed if you didn’t do so well, and this could create a very awkward atmosphere.

Will I be promoted soon?

Asking about promotion before you’ve even got the job is very presumptuous. No matter how sincerely you ask it, you will probably come across as arrogant and dissatisfied with the role on offer.

The employer is hiring for this position right now, and asking about a promotion at this early stage creates a sense of doubt that you’ll stick around long enough to have the chance. You should be focusing upon the opportunity that presents itself today, and although you may have ambitions to move up in the company, don’t worry about that right now.

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